Protecting children by giving them the skills to protect themselves

Date: 5th April 2019
Author: Mrs N Bryden

A parent’s job is to protect, care and educate their children. Responsible parents naturally watch over their children and eliminate the obvious dangers such as fire and teaching road safety.

In their free time children enjoy a variety of leisure activities from football to gymnastics, learning to sing or play the guitar. These are all great activities which children can enjoy and have fun.

However, training in martial arts is not only a fun activity it’s an important life skill that may save their life. So why isn’t it treated as such? Children have no choice whether they go to school, clean their teeth or have a booster seat for the car if they are under a certain height. The parent ensures these things happen for children’s education, care and safety. If children say they don’t want to clean their teeth or go to school parents ensure they do because they understands the importance of hygiene and the benefits of a school education.

Most parents teach their children to swim, a practical life skill that will ensure they can enjoy time in and by the water safely. Should parents therefore not provide the same thought process to the education for their children’s personal safety? It’s much easier for a parent to protect a child when they are young but as children grow and become more independent it’s impossible to watch over and protect them in the same way. Being a proactive parent and insisting on their child learning martial arts at a young age, will give that child the gift of one of the best life skills they will ever learn. It will give them the self-reliance and the ability to protect themselves against any potential dangers on our streets.

Protecting children shouldn’t be only about caring for them when they are with you. It should also be about giving them the skills to protect themselves when you’re not.

We hear so much these days of the dangers around us. Stop and think about older children’s welfare when outside the home and without parental protection. I can think of nothing worse than knowing a child was defenceless in a frightening and dangerous situation… can you?

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