Do martial art students get better grades at school?

Author: Master Bonthuys

Students that learn discipline with a good work ethic at MAW usualy develop superior confidence and concentration, and this often leads to superior achievements and better school grades.

Remember that martial arts training both the mind AND the body the importance of discipline.

For our juniors, the gradings are a great way to improve performance with school examinations. As they become successful after grading for their new belts, they then gain higher self-esteem and become more comfortable and confident within a presured environment.

It also provides them with self-belief, firmly instilling the idea that they can achieve most things that they put their mind to, and that hard work always brings a harvest of rewards..

Confident kids become magnets for their peers, attracting better friends as they become more popular.

For adults, this can translate into work promotions, enhanced team ethics or better group affinity with peer groups.

This is because all students become conditioned to regular testing and become more confident in their own ability to learn and test, and to be accepted within their “own society”.

Either way, always “test” to gain knowledge and learn how to respect and work the grading system effectively.

A Martial Art is one of those rare pursuits that will give back exactly, and only what you put in!

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