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Author: Mr B Bonthuys

Mrs Lee-Smith and her son have both been training together at Martial Art World for a significant time now upon their journey towards black belt. The question for them was: "What's your experience been like and what made you take up martial arts?" Take a read and find out what they had to say!

Mrs Lee-Smith:

Firstly I would like to say it’s been an awesome experience overall!

Aside from training at martial art world, I enjoy running out on the road quite often, and most lot of the time I tend to go out on my own, independently around the schedule of work, hobbies and other commitments. Because of this, I had realised that I didn’t feel particularly safe all the time; not knowing exactly what to do if a situation ever occurred where I might need to defend myself.

After my son taking an interest in martial arts and he began his training, I could see how much fun he was having and so I thought - hey it would be pretty cool to train with him, learn a new skill and I thought it could help me learn to defend myself!

I must say I feel I’ve gained confidence just knowing that I have the capability to defend myself should I ever need to, and I feel much more comfortable running out on the road which has been a great benefit!

What I really love most about the time I spend at Martial Art World is the fact I get to train with my son. We thoroughly enjoy working together on new sequences and practicing our patterns both in and out of classes!

So, Mrs Lee-Smith - What’s your goal now at Martial Art World?

I want to continue the journey with my son and get to Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do together!

Mr Lee-Smith Jnr (Age 13):

What do you like about your training?

I love to learn new self-defence skills, and in my current advanced class I have now started learning knife-defence which makes me feel more assertive and confident! What I like about these drills is that it’s about learning how to predict a dangerous situation, how to adapt, and how to evaluate body movement from an attacker.

What I have also found is that martial arts training has been a huge stress relief for me. Aside from school and other activities, I can really focus and commit to something else that’s so positive, and just immerse myself in an environment that’s so much fun!

Since training at Martial Art World, it’s really provided me with more confidence. That’s the very reason I first started - to work on developing this area in myself, and I’ve been able to put this boost of confidence to use in other areas of my life. It’s made me more confident at school, it’s taught me how to overcome any obstacles or challenges, and now I’m achieving top grades at school which makes me feel great!

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