I’ll do that “one day”

Author: Mr B Bonthuys

How many times have you heard someone say those words? Or how many times have you said them? Months go by, followed by years and even decades before you realise that the thing you wanted to do still hasn’t happened and you’re still waiting for “one day”.

Taking action, being a leader and having self belief are all qualities that we try to instill at Martial Art World. Sometimes you have to believe in yourself and take a leap of faith in order for your circumstances to change. You have to live for today as tomorrow is never guaranteed!

How many of you that aren’t currently training in martial arts have thought about starting?

But then excuses arise in your mind like ‘I’m too old’ or ‘I haven’t got enough time’? We have many students training that are in their 70’s (and only started in their late 60’s) so I’m sure many of you with that excuse about age can longer use that objection! And we all know time can be a genuine reason, however, you could try one of our positive start classes that are only 30 minutes! Surely you can spare 30 minutes once or twice a week?

Stop looking at the obstacles and start seeing the opportunities

Make a decision today to make a positive impact on your life and take action on that thing you want to do “one day”.

If martial arts is one of your “one day” goals, why not take advantage of our ‘March Madness’ special offer where you can experience a 30 day membership for just £1! Get in touch today and see how much martial arts can change your life for the better…

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