FITNESS – What’s in it for me?

Author: Mr B Bonthuys

The empowerment of exercise: With the theme of fitness in February, this is what you might just be missing out on in your life, and here’s how exercise through martial arts could benefit you: We all know or have some idea of the fact that exercise can help you keep “fit and healthy”. However exercise that’s motivating, sustainable and simply fun isn’t always so simple to find, so martial arts if you haven’t yet tried it, might just be the golden nugget you’ve been looking for!


Over many years, research has shown that exercise can have huge positive effects on our mood, it can significantly increase our self-esteem, and there are many mechanisms by which exercise increases our evaluations of our self. Along side this, introducing new habits within our lifestyle such as martial arts training 2-3 times a week in a dedicated positive environment forces us out of house to break the rhythm of everything else going on in our life, and creates social interaction amongst other individuals who are journeying the same course as us. Overall, as well as the physical benefits of athleticism, mobility, increased fitness and a boost in energy, exercise provides us with a sense of accomplishment within ourselves that boosts our confidence.

Who you surround yourself with

Ensure you surround yourself with people that are only going to help you “step up”. Have you ever heard that you start to become like the 5 people you spend the most time with? In Martial Arts classes, you’ll find yourself looking around and seeing a room full of energy, focus and concentration. These qualities will rub off on you and will encourage you to push yourself for the changes your looking for within yourself. If you find that the individuals you’re surround yourself with send you into a negative spiral, it might be time to access the impact that’s having, and start exercising in a positive environment will help you to make that assessment!


Martial Arts training works on a ranking system- identified by the colour of your belt. Understanding that the ranking system is similar to the ideal of unlocking a new achievement, this helps us to keep focused on self-improvement, to step up time and time again- headlining towards the achievement of a new level belt level! With consistent effort in your martial arts classes and with advancements being made, each of these new belts should be celebrated and if you ever experience this in itself – they are a big deal! Our efforts within exercise, what ever the form may be should be celebrated regularly to appreciate everything we have accomplished to date, and to reset our next goals to achieve a new level!

Who is exercise for?


With whatever shape or fitness level you have, exercise should be encouraged for every one. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone begins at a different place to one another. However what we believe in at Martial Art World is that you’re not in competition with anyone else but yourself. Introducing a new habit of exercise should be treated with care and your training is simply all about YOU and no one else. With effort, the right attitude and surrounding yourself in a positive environment, this is all you need to create a positive foundation and to continue building from here on out!

We hope you have enjoyed the read!

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