Are you a Dream Maker or a Dream Breaker?

Date: 9th March 2017
Author: Mrs N Bryden

I’m often asked what inspired me to change my career to become a martial arts instructor. A great question, and a very easy one for me to answer!

In life we are all given choices. These choices lead down different roads, and it’s up to us which road we take.

I knew my time in my previous occupation was coming to an end, but after 18 years it was a big decision to turn my life upside down and focus on a new career path. You see it didn’t just affect me! I’m a wife and mum of three young boys. So, there were other people to consider too. For a three-year period I did a lot of soul searching and looked at a number of different opportunities. These were all ruled out for various reasons. Note I say reasons, not excuses!

Then six months into my martial arts journey I was given a new concept to consider. Did I want to learn how to become a martial arts instructor?

It would have been so easy to say no, to shatter the dream of a new career before it had time to evolve.


I didn’t want to say no, so I started to contemplate this further. I have always liked a challenge and have never walked away from hard work, but there was a big part of me that couldn’t foresee the future. It would have been very easy to become a Dream Breaker.

Decision time – walk away and say it’s not for me – easy! Or pull up my sleeves and go to work and see where this life journey took me. This is exactly what I did. I decided to become the Dream Maker.

My axiom: Be driven to be the best version of yourself that you can be! So, don’t be afraid at trying new things. If it doesn’t work out first time, don’t consider it as a failure; see it as an opportunity to grow! Don’t give up on your dreams and aspirations.

We set our own path in life. Make your footsteps count! How would you like people to remember you?

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