The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Date: 23rd November 2015
Author: Master Bonthuys

When a lot of people think of Martial Arts, they think of men fighting each other in controlled environments or women chopping down planks of wood with their hands and feet; whatever people think of when considering Martial Arts, one misconception is commonly visited – Martial Arts is for adults. However, whilst Martial Arts is great for adults, Martial Arts is also the perfect activity for kids of all ages!

Martial Arts for kids is something we specialise in here at Martial Art World, and there are so many benefits to kids of learning all the different types of Martial Arts available, including: Taekwando, Korean Martial Arts, and Karate.

With so many different types of Martial Arts to choose from, there really is something for everyone here, and whatever Martial Arts your children choose, from the very first session you’ll start noticing some positive changes to every aspect of your child’s life.

Not only are our Martial Arts classes for children a great way to build up fitness, strength, and stamina, but they also promote discipline, confidence, and improved concentration; contributing hugely to their ability to focus in school, and socialise.
The Importance of Perseverance in Martial Arts for Kids

Martial Arts for kids – Taekwando, Korean Martial Arts, and Karate – also helps them to understand the value of perseverance and how important is it to never give up, even when things might be tough.

A wise man once said “in the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength, but through perseverance” – a saying we have truly invested in!

Perseverance is a quality we feel is very significant and humbling here at Martial Art World, and helps to create the next generation of life’s champions – but, of course, perseverance isn’t just about getting to the end goal (i.e. winning!), it’s about staying on track and believing in ourselves.
How to Join Our Martial Arts for Kids

Children can begin any of our Martial Arts classes from the age of 4, and can easily be signed up before their 4th birthday; we have a range of different levels available, depending on age and experience, and parents or guardians are always invited to stay and watch a class.

Although our academy is based in Andover, we welcome students from across Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Berkshire. As well as our students from Andover, students come from all areas of the region, including:

  • Salisbury
  • Winchester
  • Whitchurch
  • Basingstoke
  • Romsey
  • Newbury

So, if you’re in any of these areas, or near!, and you’d like your children to become the next generation of champions, or just improve their concentration and social skills, please do give us a call or send us an email.

Martial Arts truly is the best way to see your kids excel in all walks of life…

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