Mindset is Everything

Date: 26th July 2017
Author: Mr B Bonthuys

On a daily basis do you plan ahead? Do you visualise and strategise how you're going to tackle the obstacles in your daily life or do you just go with the flow? Do you think through how that one highlight of your day whether it be the martial arts, a run, a gym session is going to get conquered or do you just attend and see what happens next? Do you have those "off days" where your just not feeling it? Are you maximising the results of all you take part in?

A saying I abide by every single day is “failing to plan is planning to fail”

With this mind set it encourages me to stay motivated, stay focused and keep pushing forwards for more!

The Mindset of an individual is SO SO important, it can greatly impact the result of the work that is about to be put in a single moment of time, the final minutes of a school exam, running that extra mile to push yourself further, those final few reps of a bicep curl or setting up that last winning head kick during a sparring round to win!

It’s so crucial before taking on the day to think through what needs to be completed and strategise the most time effective way of doing it, this way it encourages you to become more pro-active and complete more objectives of the day to make the progress that we all seek!

Before the next time you go to work, go to train in the gym, go for a run or do martial arts… strategise how your going to maximise results and take your mind into that zone where your mentally prepared to take it on with charge and get the most out of it!

Every time I train, I take the time to plan ahead - to strategise results I’m chasing… once complete I will take the time to think through and process everything that’s about to happen, what I mentally and physically need to be prepared for… and then I go to war to conquer those goals!

Get planning ahead for goals and strategise how you’re going to get there, if your not making progress forward the way things are, you may need a more effective strategy!

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