Martial Art World Ice Bucket Challenge

Date: 1st September 2014
Author: Master Bonthuys

The students at Martial Art World in Andover were challenged by their Instructors to take the Ice Bucket Challenge on Friday 29th August 2014 at Martial Art World Head Quarters on West Portway Industrial Estate, Andover.

The event was a great success with all participants turning up with a bucket, towel and a charity donation.

The Martial Art World Family joined together with over 80 students, friends and family members turning up to show their support for the biggest ice bucket challenge in Andover! Little Ninjas aged just 4 years old were showing how fearless they were by standing in line waiting for their Martial Art World ice bucket challenge!

Once all the students had taken their turn punching through the ice they turned their attention to their Instructors. The Instructors, whilst standing their ground, were well and truly drenched!

Martial Art World has almost raised £300 to-date with donations still coming in.

Thank you to all for their support.

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