In 10 years you WILL arrive. The question is… where?

Date: 15th November 2016
Author: Master Bonthuys

Time is nearly always cited as the reason that life dreams do not get fulfilled (or even started in some cases). The biggest difference between happy and unhappy people is often the ability to say “no” to the things that they do not want to do, thereby freeing themselves up to do the things that they enjoy.


    • Not having enough time is the most common and also the poorest excuse
    • There are only TWO real currencies: Time & Money
    • Set your important priorities first so that you do not squander time on unnecessary tasks. Ask yourself: “even though this task is important, is it urgent?”
    • Delegate to give others an opportunity to shine whilst keeping your own life in balance
    • When planning a day, factor travel time, possible delays, lunch etc before making a decision to commit
    • Group your daily tasks by category – such as making telephone calls, answering emails etc
    • Have a daily plan
    • Reflect every night on the outcome of the daily plan to establish how effective you have been
    • Facebook time is not productive time – spend it elsewhere!
    • An average person spends over 25 years asleep – do not waste the rest of your life time


    In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength but by perseverance… follow your dream and stick with the plan or vision. The bigger the plan, the bigger the potential bumps in the road. Stay on track and do not listen to naysayers or dream stealers - the plan does not belong to them!

    If you really focus and believe, you can achieve great things. As Henry Ford once said: “If you think that you can or if you think that you can’t; you will be RIGHT!

    Take a chance on you and commit to your dreams. Live a life worth living and make a difference!

    Some people are waiting to be rescued from financial mediocrity whilst others know that nobody is coming to the rescue.

    Instead of waiting for your ship to come in, you should build your own ship.

    A friend of mine wants to be a millionaire. He has been wishing on a star for the last few years and so far no good…he tells me that all good things come to those who wait.

    If you live to be 80, you have precisely 4160 weeks in which to achieve all of your dreams and ambitions.

    Now subtract the time that has already gone from this:

    80 x 52 = 4160 - (current age X 52) = the amount of time that you have left

    Now think about how well you use your time?

    Are you on the page yet?

    Time is a finite resource and the clock is ticking. Act like it!

    If you seek success in anything, you HAVE to go to work. Why wait for anything? Time is precious, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

    Do it today!

    Life is short. Death is sure. There are no shortcuts! Ordinary actions get ordinary results…

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