Bringing the community together: how Martial Art World raised £10,000 for Faith Sharpe

Date: 1st February 2016
Author: Master Bonthuys

At Martial Art World, community is at the heart of everything we do; working with schools, attending events, linking with other businesses, all for the same, unifying reasons: keeping people safe, improving confidence, and promoting education and continued learning.

We care about every one of our students, at every stage of their development, and when five year old Little Ninjas student Faith Sharpe was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year, we felt we had to do everything in our power to support her and her family during such a difficult time.

“Faith joined our Little Ninjas programme in May last year,” explains Chief Instructor (Junior Leaders) Mrs Bryden. “She deteriorated so quickly. Within the space of a few weeks, she’d gone from being able to do everything to having trouble with her transitions – sitting to standing and standing to sitting etc – it was devastating to see the change in her.

“She’s always been a very happy child – always had a smile on her face,” Mrs Bryden continues. “And when she was given the diagnosis, we wanted to help her and her family in any way we could. It felt only right for us here at Martial Art World to support Faith and her family, to help them, and ensure they can make memories together.

“We have strong connections with all aspects of the community as part of the work that we do, and because of this, we were able to involve Smiles And Memories (S A M) – a charity that helps chronically ill children and their families to go on amazing holidays; who sent Faith to Disneyland Paris in November!

“In addition to this holiday, we’ve also raised thousands of pounds to help Faith. We did this in a number of ways; with our students, their parents, and the support of other local businesses.

“Our student and professional link with the Chantry Centre meant we were able to link the family with the Centre, who made it possible for Faith to visit Father Christmas in Lapland last year.

“The activities carried out to raise this money have been really varied; we held a Martial Arts experience, attended by 200 people, out here on our AstroTurf, where we asked for donations; our students have held their own fundraisers in their works and schools; parents have held cake sales; there was a Disney disco at Faith’s school, with entertainment provided free of charge from Ticklish Allsorts; a raffle; and someone even shaved their head! In 3 months, with the help and support of everyone, we’ve raised £10,000.

“It’s hugely important for us here at Martial Art World to contribute to and get involved with our community. Only good things can come from working together.”

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