Be calorie conscious!

Date: 31st October 2016
Author: Master J Bonthuys

I generally recommend an 80/20 rule when it comes to a nutrition plan. 80% clean, nutrient dense foods and 20% treats. When it comes to treats, make sure you choose lower calorie options to prevent weight gain or increased body fat!

Take pizza for example, 4 slices from a well known take away company typically has around 850 calories which breaks down into the following macros: 40g protein, 88g carbs and 37g fat. My pizza (pictured) however is from a local supermarket and has only 393 calories (18g protein, 44g carbs and 15g fat). THAT’S LESS THAN HALF THE AMOUNT OF CALORIES THAN THE TAKEAWAY PIZZA!

If you want to take control of your weight and body shape, start reading food labels and understand the calorie contents as well as individual macros (proteins/carbs/fats).

If you want some pizza then you can! Just make sure moderation is key, food choices are smart/calorie conscious and of course exercise like a boss on the mats or in the gym!

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