Soldier & Active Reservist

I have served 12 years as a regular soldier and a further 7 years as an active reservist. During my time as a reservist I was in the full time employment of what is now South Central Ambulance Service as a front-line medical practitioner. I have been a front-line Police Constable now for a little over 3 years since terminating my reserve service. During my time training under Master Bonthuys I have gained a black belt degree in Tae Kwon Do.

I started training with Master David Bonthuys in mid 2005, shortly after this I was deployed as part of the specialist battle group reconnaissance for the current deployment in Helmand province. The operation was later staffed by the Pathfinder element of 16 Air Assault Brigade.

Prior to deploying I was fortunate enough to be tutored on a one to one basis by Master Bonthuys. I received training in unarmed close quarter combat and dynamic defense against pointed and blade articles. I was able to pass on this knowledge and training on while in theatre and it was used during the course of operations.

I have been unfortunate enough to be placed in violent situations whilst with the Ambulance Service and maybe not unsurprisingly whilst with the Police Service. I have on these occasions used what Master Bonthuys has taught with what I would describe as effective results. The techniques and systems taught by Master Bonthuys are by far in away superior to those the Home Office approve for use by the emergency services, and are more than justifiable within the bounds of criminal law and the conflict management model.

The style of close quarter combat taught by Master Bonthuys blends the rational use of controlled aggression with what the military would view as true battlefield aggression. I would in my professional opinion say that what Master Bonthuys teaches in many ways on a par with the package delivered at Credenhill to the UK Special Forces group. His training then goes on to surpass its peers not least because it focuses as much on personal fortitude as it does on the mechanical understanding of the subject. I have yet to meet any instructor with such a deep understanding of how and why techniques work. Master Bonthuys also has the uncanny ability to impart that understanding quickly and precisely so it is digested and understood.

I have found being taught by Master Bonthuys a valuable and rewarding experience, he has always demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and knowledge; he has never failed to understand the needs of his students. Master Bonthuys has always sought to expand his skill base and has always given time and credence to anything that may improve his syllabus. I have found him to be the soul of discretion and utterly trustworthy.

Any of his teaching packages will undoubtedly improve the mental resilience, combative skill, leadership, pressured decision making and mortal fibre of anyone who has the good fortune to train with him and his team. I unreservedly recommend Master Bonthuys to any organisation who wishes its staff to be trained in all forms of close quarter combat.

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