Our Friendly Academy (written by Mrs Wedge)

The Black Belt Academy is the place to be,
With lots of friends for you to see.
With friendly people to show you the way,
With what to do, and what to say!

No matter what or who you are,
We’ll look after you all, from near and far.
No matter if you need some help,
It should be clear that that’s why were here.

No matter what your shape or size,
We will make you feel so very tall.
Please come along and see yourself rise,
Just join in with our students all!

We are all a friendly family,
Very kind, and honest too…
So please come along, and you will see
What all our students like to do!

Martial Art World is a cool place for sure,
With parking just outside our door.
We are not just here for the young and fit,
Single or family we’re the number one hit!

Written by Mrs Wedge

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