Nathalie Danon-Kerr, Academy Director, The Vici Language Academy LLP

Matt and I would like to express a personal thank you to you for the wonderful work that you have done with our son, Sacha.

We had tests carried out by Dr Palti (child’s psychologist) in Oxford at the week-end and it appears that Sacha is not dyslexic as originally informally diagnosed but dyspraxic. This answers many of our questions in terms of his organisational skills and poor concentration level.

You are aware that dyspraxic children suffer from bad body coordination and therefore often do poorly in PE and other sports…

You should have seen the surprise of the psychologist when Matt and I told her he was doing martial arts, loving it, being good at it too…!

She said that clearly, his condition wasn’t severe, as martial arts should prove to be very difficult for any dyspraxic children…

Sacha is on the whole positive about his school days, having made really good friends at his new school and enjoying the extra curricular activities such as games.

Having said that, Matt and I became concerned lately that he seemed to be losing confidence rapidly when it came to his school work. He often cries at home and explains that he does not understand his teacher’s instructions, that he is ‘dumb’ compared to the rest of his school friends.

Yet, when subjected to a general IQ, he scored very highly!

So when I asked him why he found TKD or KMA’s instructions easy he replied: ‘because the instructions are always short and clear, so easy for me’! I was gob smacked that even at his age, he had made the difference between the way he was taught at school and the way he was taught at your Academy.

So we just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for making his lessons fun, interesting, challenging yet manageable.

Whilst his school today got a very different email I have nothing but admiration for your family and the wonderful Academy that you run.

Thanks again,

Nathalie Danon-Kerr,
Academy Director,
The Vici Language Academy LLP

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