Mr Ken Wedge and Family

When my son Patrick first joined the academy I never dreamed that I would be seeing him becoming a black belt, let alone receiving his second degree.

Then my wife Diane decided she wanted to follow in Patrick’s footsteps and wanted to prove to herself that she can also achieve what Patrick has done. To my utmost amazement she proved to me herself and the rest of the family that u can do anything once you put your mind to it. She worked hard and she received her black belt leadership degree. Since then she has decided to join the Korean Martial Arts classes on leadership and has just received her red belt. To say I am very proud of her is a testament to the excellent instruction she has received from master Bonthuys and his two sons Jason and Ben.

Also during the last 12 wks my eldest daughter Heidi has joined the beginner’s classes for KMA, and my son Bud has joined the foundation classes for KMA. I am so proud of them all and without the excellent proficiency and expertise off the academy instructors then they wouldn’t be where they are now. My thanks go out to the Bonthuys family for all their help, expertise, and the time that they have taken in bringing out the best in my family.

Thank you Master Bonthuys and family of M.A.W.

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