GM Walters, Major, Royal Military Police

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the valuable assistance that you provided during the unit’s Exercise Watchtower. Watchtower is a licensing exercise which prepares our students for conducting duties across the spectrum of Military operations, and realism is a vital part of developing good judgement, rapid threat assessment and exercising restraint.

The visit to your establishment by our VIP and students offered a unique and challenging training environment which replicated the locations that CP operatives find themselves in across the world. Having access to, and utilising such high profile venues, where discretion and control is key, adds genuine value to this type of exercise. Without your continued support, we would not be able to fully train and prepare for our missions.

Could you please pass on our thanks to all personnel, and colleagues, involved on the day, and I hope that our presence did not cause any undue disruption to your operations.

Yours sincerely,

GM Walters,
Officer Commanding

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