How Martial Arts can help you feel more confident and safer in the dark months

Date: 5th December 2018
Author: Mrs N Bryden

Are you nervous out in the dark? Now the clocks have gone back do you dread walking home from school or work in the dark? Do you find walking the dog during the winter less enjoyable than the summer months because you don’t feel safe in the dark? Do you feel your heart rate increase if you suddenly hear footsteps behind you or see the silhouette of a person walking towards you when out in the dark? Would you feel vulnerable if your car broke down?

Being out when it’s dark can be very intimidating. Not being able to see your surroundings, even though they may be very familiar to you and having to rely on other senses such as hearing and smell can cause anxiety levels to rise. I’ve felt this on a number of occasions in the past but am now thankful for my martial art training which has provided me with an education to help me defend myself.

Over the years I have found myself in a number of situations that have made me very uncomfortable. For instance: Walking through an underpass in the dark with two men walking behind me. Walking through woods in daylight and meeting a group of young men on motocross bikes. Returning to my car in a multistory car park after a night out with friends.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I’ve been asked before what would I do if someone tried to attack me. The answer is simply - I don’t know what I’d do BUT I’d do something! I know that I wouldn’t be a victim. I would react to the danger presented to me and use my knowledge in martial arts to get myself to safety. What would you do?...

Before I started martial art training had I been attacked I would have been a victim and that is a frightening thought! Learning martial arts has given me many strengths but the one that has given me the most reassurance and confidence is the personal protection skills I have learned. Knowing what to look out for when facing a potential attack, understanding my own strengths and weaknesses to ensure I gain the best out of each movement, knowing where and how to strike for maximum impact and most importantly believing in my own ability. This education is priceless.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you stay safe call me today on 01264 333007.

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