How martial arts can help a child at school

Date: 22nd August 2019
Author: Mrs N Bryden

Being a Ninja is more than just kicking and punching. It’s what a child can become. Miss Dinnegan’s story shows how Martial Arts has played a huge part in ALL areas of her life.

As with all children Miss Dinnagen was no exception, she received her school report at the end of the summer term, which proved to be a very positive end to Year One at Kiwi Primary School.

Miss Dinnegan’s Ninja training is very important to her and this was clearly reinforced by the teachers at school, with several references to her Ninja training in her school report. It is great to see that Miss Dinnegan has not only drawn strength from her Ninja training but has also been able to relate to things being taught at Ninja to her school work.

During class decisions Miss Dinnegan spoke of how she feels her Ninja classes were as important to her as their faith is to others.

In addition, she frequently relates moves in other sport activities to her Ninja training.

Miss Dinnegan’s school teacher makes reference to how Miss Dinnegan enjoys sharing Ninja experiences with her peers.

Miss Dinnegan demonstrates many of the great characteristics of a Ninja Ranger. At such a young age she understand how friends can be a positive or negative influence on her. Miss Dinnegan believes that a friend should be someone nice, kind and polite…

Miss Dinnegan talks about how some of the children at school tease each other and she says she tries to stop it or she will play with the children being teased to make them feel happier. She
says that she would not tease anyone because she would not like to make anyone feel sad, because that’s not what Ninja Rangers do!

Miss Dinnegan upholds the schools values and sets a great example for other children to follow. She ALWAYS tries her best as she does the same at Martial Art World.

Miss Dinnegan’s parents believe her confidence has grown enormously since starting Martial Art World’s Ninja programme. They believe she has been inspired at Martial Art World and has been given the opportunity to grow into a kind, polite, confident, strong and fun loving individual.

Miss Dinnegan is not easily lead by others: she’s a true leader and always tries to reach her full potential whether at home, school or in a Ninja Class.

This amazing young lady started her Ninja training at Martial Art World just two years ago at four years of age. She is always happy and eager to learn. When things are a challenge she digs deep and works hard to get the task done.

Mrs Bryden and Miss Whiley are very much looking forward to teaching Miss Dinnegan for years to come and help her achieve one of her goals… To become a Black Belt! Martial Art World has no doubt she will achieve it!

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