Are you worried your children will be bullied?

Date: 18th October 2017
Author: Mrs N Bryden

Do you ever wonder if your children will be bullied? I did!!! I worried that my children would find themselves in challenging situations with other children not just at school but while they were out with other children without me.

One of my son’s in particular moved through primary school allowing other children to control the play, push in front of him when he was in a queue or ignore any ideas he had. He didn’t understand how to be assertive and certainly had low self-esteem and never showed any confidence.

At the age of 8 of course I didn’t expect him to be confident in all situations but I did want him to stand his ground in a queue waiting for a ride, or tell another child to stop doing something he didn’t want them to do when they were aggravating him. I wanted him to feel comfortable being him!

I’d always wanted my children to learn martial arts to gain a solid foundation in important life skills such as self-control, discipline, courtesy and respect. Most of all I wanted my children to know what to do if confronted with someone trying harm them.

Each month and year that passes they continue to gain from their martial arts education. They are all physically and mentally stronger than ever before.

Training in Martial Arts isn’t simply an activity for them; it’s become a way of life. They know right from wrong; they understand core values such as courtesy, respect, self-control and a non-quitting attitude.

Are they perfect? Of course not, but they do demonstrate the right behaviour and attitude wherever they go.

The best reward for me in all this is quite simple - I’m achieving my original objective, that being, to prepare my boys for whatever situation life may throw their way!

Are you doing the same?

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