A double celebration for our Ninja Rangers!

Date: 9th May 2015
Author: Master Bonthuys

The Ninja Rangers had a successful Graduation Celebration today. They were focused and worked extremely hard to show off their skills to Master Bonthuys. The discipline demonstrated was a delight to see!

Master Bonthuys and the Ninja team were very impressed with the performance and standard demonstrated by the Ninja Rangers (aged 6 to 9 year olds). The performance included Martial Art line work, Korean Martial Arts pad work combinations, taekwondo kicking drills on the BOBS and Wavemasters.

The children have been studying the understanding of a “non quitting attitude” and how they can use this in everyday, not just at our academy within their training but at school and everywhere they go! The ninja team have been encouraging the children to share their success stories of the non quitting attitude at school and home. Many certificates have been earned by the children from school teachers and shared in class at Martial Art World.

The students were asked by Master Bonthuys to present the discipline of a “non-quitting attitude”. He set them a challenge of performing a suicide squat. The Ninja’s couldn’t wait to get started and prove to Master Bonthuys they could do it. The Ninja team was delighted with how superbly and faultless the Ninja’s performance was!

Master B had great feedback from some of the Ninja parents who informed him of the changes their child has made in school and at home. Now walking into school more confidently and performing much higher in ALL school work!

Not only did we celebrate the Ninja Rangers earning their new Belts and Certificates but also in addition we celebrated the Ninja School’s two year anniversary! Eight students were presented with an invitation to start their 2nd year training on our Advanced Ninja Ranger Programme. Three students who are the very first for the Ninja school to successfully complete their second year of training as a Ninja Ranger. This is an awesome achievement! Well done Mr Bailey, Miss Wedge and Miss Pearson.

Big thank you to Mr Clark junior who gave up his Saturday morning to help the Ninja Rangers on Ninja school’s special two year anniversary Graduation Celebration day!

Our junior leaders are an excellent example as to why Martial Art World is the place to train. It is so much more than a club! At Martial Art World we teach life skills such as anti bullying, stranger awareness, and confidence as well as learning practical safety skills.

At Martial Art World our Instructors work with the local community and have supported many international, national and local charities.

A unique feature of Martial Art World is our Schools Programme. Our Professional Instructors work with a number of local schools each year in order to keep the children in our local community safe by presenting our special Schools Programme to all pupils aged between 4 -12.

A black belt is a Ninja that NEVER gave up! A Ninja with a non-quitting attitude.

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